How it works

How it works

Choose from one of our many campaigns and customize it to suit your brand.
No technical know how is required, though for advanced users - there are no limits to your creativity.

Choose a campaign

1. Choose campaign

Choose from any of our 20+ campaigns covering everything from social hubs displaying user generated content, through to spot the ball games, quizzes, and all types of media based contests and sweepstakes.

2. Build

Setup and launch a campaign within 10 minutes by following the simple set-up process, selecting which features to turn on or off.

Choose a campaign

3. Design

Custom brand your campaign as you wish. Choose from multiple templates and pre-set design themes, or really go to town adding your own fonts, colors and custom CSS.

4. Manage

Stay in control of your campaign. Moderate entries, add items to categories or shortlists and pick winners at random with our advanced winner spinner. Keep a close eye on performance and even add your own tracking pixels.

Manage campaign
Embed microsite

5. Embed

Fully mobile optimized. Embed on your website, blog or Facebook page. For more advanced integrations we even offer domain masking with custom social apps.

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There are a number of free campaigns for you to test drive the software. Create an account for free and start creating a campaign today.


or simply send us a message and see how we can help.