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Why Politicians Should Run Twitter Polls


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As the Nation waits with anticipation, and the hype builds to see who will win the U.S presidential election on November 6th, it seems like Twitter is becoming an increasingly effective platform to promote party view points and encourage donations. 

One thing that politicians are not making use of on Twitter is 'polls', which makes little sense when the micro-blogging service seems to doing extremely well to drive donations.

"Twitter Commissioned a study from data research firm 'Compete' and found the average Twitter user is 68% more likely than the average Internet user to visit a campaign donation page. Meanwhile, 97% of Twitter users exposed to political tweets are more likely than other users to visit a campaign donation page." (via Mashable

So, if this is the case for campaign donations, why not presidential polls? They are widely used by party members on the streets in the build up to general elections, as well as in the locals, however, they would be much more effective if carried out on social media.

Already with a substantial following, parties could use Twitter accounts to ask followers how they feel on certain issues and could receive a great response.

How To Run A Presidential Poll

To run a poll, all parties would have to do is send a Tweet with a question and then include various answers with #hashtags.

For example:

The Democratic Party

"How important do you think ObamaCare is for the citizens of our country?"

#Extremely #Very #Neutral #Notimportant 

The Republican Party

"Barack Obama wants to raise taxes on the middle class. We want to bring tax rates down to put people back to work. What do you think of the current state of tax for the middle class?"

#Veryhigh #High #Neutral #Ok #Low

These polls could be run for a number of policy issues by the party to receive vital feedback from followers. Similarly newspapers and blogs that are covering the election could also run a few polls to find out their audience's thoughts.

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