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Christmas image reveal competition

COST$1,200 p.m. (software only)

PLANQueenBee QueenBee

The idea here is that each share reveals a little more of the hidden image, making it a little easier each time to guess what the image is. You can set the number of entries required to reveal the complete image and you can even choose which bits to reveal last. This concept is perfect either as a fun quiz or it could also be used for a revealing a new product, where each entrant receives a discount voucher once the image is revealed!

Social Reveal

Each entry to the campaign reveals a little more of the image below. Hide a product from your online shop and have people guess what it is, or use it to socially reveal a new product or even a group save voucher! The image reveals pixel by pixel depending on the entry goal you set.

Discount coupons

Offer fans a discount coupon for helping you reveal your new product. Our system can automatically email entrants at various points throughout the campaign. It can even request that entrants first verify their email address.

Data Collection

A simple but effective campaign for gathering customer data. BeeLiked offers a drag and drop interface for you to create custom data collection forms. Ask what you like and even set up a pre-ticked opt in to marketing option to increase the size of your marketing database.


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