Christmas Poll

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Christmas Poll

COST$1200 p.m. (software only)

PLANQueenBee QueenBee

This is BeeLiked's newest campaign type and certainly a great campaign for the holidays. Ask multiple questions (supported by pictures or videos). You can also add a full description for each potential answer and include hyperlinks to further information. On clicking an answer, you can choose to reveal the percentage or total number of selections for any given answer, or turn this feature off. An automated email could also be sent with follow up information or relevant offers. Take the campaign as it is, or make changes as you wish.

Entry via multiple social networks

Enable people to sign in via Facebook or Twitter, or via their email only. You can collect as much or as little additional information as required using our intuitive drag and drop interface.

Flexible column display

Select how many answers per column you wish to show. By default we've shown 4, but you may prefer to have 2, 3, or 5. It's up to you and is a simple one click selection.

Viral reach

Having taken the poll, have people published a pre-written message to their Facebook or Twitter account, making this an excellent way to increase the reach of your messages.


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