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Survey: Are you naughty or nice?

COST$1200 p.m. (software only)

PLANQueenBee QueenBee

A great campaign for the holidays. Ask multiple questions (supported by pictures, videos or sounds). Depending on the answers given, each user will be presented with one of a selection of outcome messages. An automated email could also be sent with follow up information or relevant offers. Take the campaign as it is, or make changes as you wish.

Entry via multiple social networks

Ask fans to enter via Facebook or Twitter or with just their email address and then prompt (or insist) they like or follow you.

Ask any number of questions

Add questions to find out what your audience think. All questions can be accompanied by pictures or videos.

Display different outcome messages

Depending on the answers given, you can automatically display different messages at the end of the survey and even have that linked to an automated email with any offer you wish to give. If they're nice reward them, if they're naughty, punish them!

Gather data

A survey is a great way of segmenting your database to discover what interests different people have and then creating marketing lists around their opinions and preferences.

Viral reach

All outcome messages are by default published to an entrant's Facebook or Twitter account once they have completed the survey, making this an excellent way to increase the reach of your messages.


As with all campaigns, a sweepstake can be run from all entries using BeeLiked's 'Winner Spinner' for selecting random entries.


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