Festive Food Rankr

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Rankr: Festive Food Rankr

COST$1200 p.m. (software only)

PLANQueenBee QueenBee

A great campaign for foodies. Present you audience with a range of delicious (and not so delicious) meals, (supported by pictures or videos) and ask them to rank them in order of their preference. You can have multiple lists, as many as you like. As with all BeeLiked campaigns, it's highly social. So users can comment on each others lists via a social sign in (which posts to their social account) and they email friends to notify them of your campaign. An automated email could also be sent with follow up information or relevant offers. Take the campaign as it is, or make changes as you wish.

Entry via social networks

Entry can be social (via Facebook or Twitter sign in) or by filling in an email address and whatever other information you would like to collect.

Mobile reads

As with all BeeLiked campaigns, this Rankr works perfectly on smaller screens.

Viral reach

By turning on comments, you are sure to reach a wider audience as people comment on each other's lists, with these comments posted to social networks.


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