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Photo competition: Choco selfie

COST$499 p.m. (software only)

PLANHoneyBee HoneyBee

People love to share their photos (especially seflies) so why not utilize BeeLiked's most advanced concept? Ask fans to submit their photos simply by #Hashtag on Twitter & Instagram or enter photos via the microsite using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr or via upload. Approve images with moderation, add catagories to the contest and even geo-locate images - this campaign has it all

Entry via multiple social networks

Ask fans to enter via Facebook or Twitter or with just their email address and then prompt them to like or follow you.

Ask any number of questions

Add questions to find out what your audience think. All questions can be accompanied by pictures or videos.

#Hashtag Entries

Users can enter their photo on Twitter and Instragram simply by using the campaign #hashtag

Gather data

A photo competition is a great way of gathering user generated content and customer data.


All images pull into the backend of BeeLiked for you to publish, delete or add to a category


As with all campaigns, a sweepstake can be run from all entries using BeeLiked's 'Winner Spinner' for selecting random entries.

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