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Top of the Polls: Rabbit Rewards

COST$499 p.m. (software only)

PLANHoneyBee HoneyBee

A poll is a great campaign to create a conversation online and gather some user data. So, ask your fans and question and get them to cast a vote! Each item can be a picture or video and can optionally have a description that appears over the image. Results for votes can be displayed after each person has voted, or under each item. It is also possible to eliminate items with the least selections.

Entry via multiple social networks

Ask fans to enter via Facebook or Twitter or with just their email address and then prompt them to like or follow you.

Flexible column display

Select how many answers per column you wish to show. By default we've shown 4, but you may prefer to have 2, 3, or 5. It's up to you and is a simple one click selection.

Display description overlay

Give each person/item a bio and even hyperlink to your website or an external page

Gather data

A poll is a great and simple campaign for gathering data from your audience.

Viral reach

Having taken the poll, have people published a pre-written message to their Facebook or Twitter account, making this an excellent way to increase the reach of your messages.


As with all campaigns, a sweepstake can be run from all entries using BeeLiked's 'Winner Spinner' for selecting random entries.

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