London, UK 2015

BeeLiked releases updated version of their software; is there hope for companies looking for functional, affordable social media marketing?

The updated version of BeeLiked’s innovative social media campaign software was released onto the scene this winter. The update features a sleeker, more intuitive interface; a number of new campaigns and an expansion of the platform’s functionality.

Studies show that customers are much more likely to buy from companies with a strong social media presence, yet not all businesses are using this information to their full potential.

  • 75% of millenials said that online and mobile advertising directly affected their purchases.

  • Online videos account for 50% of mobile traffic

  • Over a quarter of consumers will leave an un mobile-optimised site

  • 67 percent of marketers are dramatically increasing their digital marketing campaigns this year.

BeeLiked’s new update offers a simple way of making the most of your social media presence, making the most of the changing market. With video campaigns to take advantage of their emerging video-bubble to mobile optimisation which is dominating internet use, this software is changing the way companies use social media.

Some satisfied users of BeeLiked’s software include SkyBet, Barnes and Noble and South African Airways, suggestive of a company which is changing the way people run campaigns.

BeeLiked CEO, Damian Dutton told us: “We’ve created an interface which reacts to our users. We want to provide a platform which lets the individual create and control their social campaigns at the click of a button.”

With our new platform, we set out to construct a setup process which is simple, intuitive and quick. It removes the need for designers and graphic design pros, giving you the tools to  create stunning campaigns yourself.