Adding Email Masking To BeeLiked

BeeLiked has integrated with to enable our clients to mask the automated emails that originate from BeeLiked to come from our clients own domain. This means emails are more likely to be opened and less likely to end up in a SPAM filter.

You can find further information about email masking by following this link to Knowledge Base.

To add email masking you will need the following:

- Access to your company’s domain hosting provider

- Knowledge about how to add TXT and SPF records.

- Admin rights to your BeeLiked account - this will enable you to see Settings > Account

- A bit of patience, as it can take up to 24 hours for the settings to take effect.

Follow these steps:

1) In BeeLiked go to Settings where you should see the Account section on the left hand side of the page.

2) Click on Email Settings

3) Click in the top left of the Email Setting page Add Email

4) In the boxes that appears you will see the instructions that Mandrill supplies for adding an email domain. In the boxes provided you need to write the email address you would like your emails to originate from.

add email dns.jpg

5) In order for the email to be activated you need to add a TXT record and SPF record to your domain records with your domain hosting provider.  Copy and paste the code showing on the Email settings page and then add the records to your domain records.

You can find more information and help by following this link to Mandrill’s help pages

See below for a screenshot of a successful record:

txt records.jpg

In the example above on the SPF record the Host Name has been left blank and the SPF record includes an IP address to the domain host’s servers (don’t copy the IP address), which was added on the advice of the domain host, but is probably not always necessary.

6) Finally, Go back to BeeLiked’s Email Settings page and click the ‘Validate’ button next to the email address you would like to activate. Please note that it can take 24 hours for the email domain to become active, but in practise it is usually no more than 4 hours. If the settings have been entered correctly you will then see the email is Validated.

Tick all the Identities for which this email address should be used and then click Save.

Email success.jpg

7) Finally, when you are creating a new campaign, remember on the Campaign Set Up page to select the Email Settings and in the dropdown option select the new email domain.