How To Create A Facebook App

Step 1 - To create an App, log into the Facebook account you wish to manage the app, click the small cog in the top right hand corner and scroll to manage apps.


Step 2 - Now on the Apps page, click 'Apps' in the toolbar and select 'Create A New App'


Step 3 - Give you Application a display name, a Namespace (this have to be unique and no caps) and a catagory.


Step 4 - Add and if you are using domain masking add your created subdomain to App domians. South African Airways for example is 

Next make sure to add the contact email ( or your own if you have one.


Step 5 - Click add platform and select 'App on Facebook'


Step 6 - Add the canvas URL and Secure Canvas URL

- This is your campaign URL with ?template=facebook at the end

- Canvas URL:

- Secure Canvas URL (this is the same with a 's' after http):

- Leave Unity ingregration, Canvas Fixed Width and Canvas Fixed height off


Step 7 - Click 'add platform' again this time select 'website' 


Step 8 - Enter the site URL and Mobile site URL. These are again both the campaign URL links.

- The Site URL needs to have ?template=facebook at the end

- Leave Accept Mobile Web Payments off


Step 9 - Click 'Add Platform' and add the final part 'Page Tab'

- Give your App a name (same as the display name)

- Add Page Tab URL - Campaign URL with ?template=facebook at the end

- Leave 'Page Admin control' and 'Wide Page Tab' on

- Add your App icon (111x74) 


Step 10 - Click the blue 'Save Changes' button. If you have made any mistakes Facebook will tell you with an error message.


Step 11 - THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Go to status & review and turn the app and all it's feature live to the general public!