How To Create A Twitter App

Step 1 - To create an App, go to and log into the account you wish to manage the app. (This doesn't have to be the account you are running the campaign on, you can create apps for other accounts)


Step 2 -  Once you are logged in, go to, if you take a look at the top right hand corner, you should see your Twitter icon meaning you are logged in. If you still being instructed to log in, try to log in from here.


Step 3 - Click the 'developers' tab on the left hand side and select 'Documentation'.


Step 4 - Select 'Manage My Apps' from the list on the left hand side.


Step 5 - Click the blue "Create a new application" button 


Step 6 - Enter your applocation name, description, website and finally the callback URL.

The callback URL is the most important, your app won't work without it.

it needs to be

So for example South African Airways will be


Step 7 - Scroll down on the same page, click yes to the terms, enter the captcha and click 'Create your Twitter application


Step 8 - Once created go to the "settings" tab next to "details"


Step 9 - On the settings page, choose an app icon, select ‘Read, write and access direct messages' and tick ‘Allow this application to be used to sign in with Twitter’


Step 10 - Head back to the details page and go to 'manage API keys'


Step 11 - Copy and paste your API key and API secret


Step 12 - Add your app key to the backend of BeeLiked by going to settings > App Keys > Add new app key > select Twitter. Then give the app a name, enter in the keys and select which indenties you would like to use it for!