How To Create An Instagram App

Step 1 - To create an App, log into the Instagram account you wish to manage the app on


Step 2 - Sign into the Instagram account you want to manage the app 


Step 3 - Go to 'manage clients' 


Step 4 - If this is the first app you have created an app on Instagram you will need to register. If you have already registered skip to step 5.

Step 5 - Click on the green 'Register a New Client' button
Step 6 - Click on the green 'Register a New Client' button
- Give the application a name 
- Add the Description 
- Add your website 
- Add the callback
- Disable OAuth redirecturl - on 
- Enforce signed header - off

Finally click the green 'Register' button
Step 7 - Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret 
Step 8 - Add the app to the backend of BeeLiked by going to settings > app keys 
Click the blue 'add a new app key' button, select 'Instagram' as the type of key, give it a name and then add the 'Client ID' and the 'Client Secret'.