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South Africa Airways Launch 'Capture South Africa' Campaign


                                                                                                                       (Photo by Cameron Webber)

South Africa is a beautiful place, which houses some amazing people and scenery, and what better way to celebrate and capture the essence of the country than a photo competition?

This week, South African Airways has launched an innovative photo competition through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The campaign is called #CaptureSouthAfrica and asks fans to help the brand gain a unique perspective from those living with such beauty on their doorstep through to those visiting for the first time.

BeeLiked has provided South African Airways with a fully branded page for the competition, allowing audience members to enter via multiple channels as well as enabling fans to come in and vote for their favourite images via Twitter and Facebook.

The best two photos will win a pair of tickets on South African Airways between the UK and South Africa! The competition has been live for a few days and it has already received over 250 entries and 200 votes! 

Think you have the snap to win the contest? If so, enter your photo now and make sure to tell all your friends to vote to feature your picture in the 'photos of the week'! The competition closes on 30th September at 11:59 BST!

Check out the campaign here

BeeLiked Can Help!

Are you interested in a photo competition like South African Airways? Our software works across multiple social networks and enables brands to display their social competition on their website.

The microsites are fully branded and fully customizable, allowing visual entries as well as social voting. This particular campaign is run through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, however, we can produce campaigns for Flickr, YouTube, Vine and even Spotify.

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