Spot The Ball

Remove the ball from an action shot and ask fans to ask guess its location!

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Our Spot The Ball campaign is a highly advanced game of skill that challenges your audience and creates buzz around an event.

With Spot The Ball you can challenge fans with multiple questions, enable them to view friends guesses and share out their own prediction for a chance to win!

Add multiple images to the campaign

Add multiple images to the campaign

Upload as many questions and images as you like. You can even require all questions to be answered correctly for the chance to win.

Show Facebook friend guesses

Need some help? Fans can sign into Facebook to view their friends guesses on the image!

Show Facebook friend guesses
Add multiple slides

Upload a custom marker

Add a unique marker to your campaign. This can be a ball, a cross or even your logo!

Fully mobile optimized. Embed on your website, blog or Facebook page.

Embed your Spot The Ball campaign on your wordpress site, webpage, blog and Facebook page with a small snippet of code or plug-in.

Fully mobile optimized
Set your correct radius

Set your correct radius and pick winners

Place your marker in backend of BeeLiked where the ball has been removed, set a radius which you accept as a ‘correct guess’ and pick winners with our winner spinner.